Let Fall the Sparrow EP

by Let Fall the Sparrow

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"The gorgeous vocals, the bass with a voice of its own, the lonesome guitar that is perfect for winter, and the precise drumming makes you want to listen to Let Fall the Sparrow on repeat. I know I did. This post-punk trio elevates what it means to play an instrument, and also what it means to be a songbird.

The well balanced experimental structure of Let Fall the Sparrow‘s self titled EP makes you think differently about music today. If you ever stop playing the track, For Those Things That Are Past, you will feel exposed to a grandiose conviction that musicianship can mingle with raw passion. You wonder if is it now you will experience what it truly means to delve in the mist of composition… Composition that is unlike many of the bands today. Let Fall the Sparrow is clearly not beggars wanting to be listened to and validated, they’re about the negotiation of sound and how even in it’s chaotic sense can formulate a pattern, if one just listened carefully." - Nikkie Mcleod of WHFR's "Broadstrokes"


released November 9, 2011

Lilly Pritchard (bass/vocals), Daniel Lemke (guitar), Jesse Freidin (drums)




Let Fall the Sparrow San Francisco, California

The San Francisco based trio, Let Fall the Sparrow, is made up of Lilly Pritchard, Daniel Lemke and Jesse Freidin. Their sound is both ethereal and driving, moving between quiet melodic moments and intense sonic builds.

All three members are originally from the East Coast but met in San Francisco. Daniel and Lilly wrote together first, later adding Jesse as a crucial part of their current sound.
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